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Millionaire In The Making Coaching Course

Cash | Commerce | Convictions

Learn to generate CASH from your ideas, inventions, gifts, skills, talents and knowledge.


Get step by step guidance on marketing your products and service to do COMMERCE online and off.


Develop your CONVICTIONS about money and success so that you can break free of the limiting beliefs that have held you back.


Receive proven processes on how to market your message to more people and make more money in your business consistently.


Get empowered to conquer your fears so you can PLAY BIG and WIN BIG in life and business!




Say YES to your success!


If you’re ready to succeed in business, be brave enough to say YES!


Say YES to taking bold moves that coaching will equip you to make.


Say YES to building your business and bankroll.


Say YES to Facing Everything And Rise vs Forgetting Everything and Run.


Say YES to clearing the clutter that has crowded your success possibilities.


Say YES to eliminating the beliefs that have kept you bound from making massive profits.


Say YES to committing to consistently complete small task daily to get huge results over time.


Say YES to being held accountable to get more done with less time and stress but more success.



Say Yes to your Future! Say Yes to Your Finances! Say Yes to your Family! Say Yes to your Freedom!



Say YES to Success Coaching, so you can be EMPOWERED, EDUCATED & ELEVATED with the success systems you need to live out your dreams.


When you say Yes to Coaching, you’re saying YES to a better life!

I remember having to make the decision to say yes to my dreams, yes to my business and yes to the lifestyle I wanted and deserved! It was one of the most EXCITING things I’ve ever done.

Now I’m saying YES, I’m glad I did. You will too!

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On the other side of “IF” is success.

~ Selphenia


If you’re starting and the bottom as a new business and want to get to the top.


If your head is full of ideas and dreams but your wallet and bank account are empty.


If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, overlooked, overloaded, overworked and underpaid.


If you’ve been trying to navigate your way to a life and business of success but are still lost.


If you are already an entrepreneur that’s looking to grow your business and expand your reach.


If you desire help building a business so you can say bye to your job that’s keeping you just over broke.


If you want powerful keys and amazing models to make your business go from just surviving to thriving.


If you need new and improved tactics to make more money, attract more clients and gain more visibility.


If you’re interested in learning how to take your raving fans from social media followers to cash paying customers.


If you’re ready to get clear about your purpose, add a sense of meaning to your life, to gain the hope you need, to pursue the best for the future of your family for generations to come.


If you are ready to network in a community of like-minded individuals, that are looking to make connections to collectively increase each others net worth through collaboration.


If you are saying that’s me to one or more of these “IFs,” no matter what type of business you are in…


Millionaires In The Making Coaching Course is for you!

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The Millionaires In The Making Coaching Course is designed to help you get an influx of cash into your business as you champion the art of marketing and commerce while mastering your millionaire mindset.


Best of all you’ll gain simple strategies on how to use little to low cost automation tools and systematic processes that will enable you to free up your time and generate extraordinary increases to your income.


You’ve been stagnate long enough. Get the motivation you need to push pass your limits and accomplish your goals.


Aren’t you tired of staying stuck with the same amount of cash and clients? It costs more to stay stuck than to get the help you need to GET UNSTUCK!



Here’s how Millionaires In The Making will help you with your cash, commerce and convictions:


Selphenia wants to coach you on how to raise the standards of your success, in pursuance of meeting or exceeding your revenue goals. Millionaires in The Making Coaching Course is where you will learn the behind the scenes workings of what it takes to be successful in business.


Get acquainted with the benefits of social media marketing, management and platforms as you implement step by step strategies on how to use them to grow your presence and monetize your message.


Learn how to create multiple streams of income, inclusive of passive income so you can make money when your not working.


Get inspired to value yourself, your services and your business so that you charge what you’re worth.




Coaching will help you get your concept from the canvas of your mind and onto the commerce scene so you can market it, multiply it and be fruitful from it.


Learn to leverage Social Media to build brand awareness, learn more about your customers, engage with clients and make more money.


Get a blueprint to create and set objectives for your yearlong Master Marketing Plan.


Become versed in the methodology and practice for you to cash in on your profit producing product ideas.




Gain insight on how to master the philosophies necessary, to Develop your Millionaire Mindset and convictions for success.




Here’s what we’ll cover over the next 3 months of coaching:

Course Topics

  • Vision Casting

  • Money Mindset

  • Branding

  • Social Media

  • Marketing

  • Product Creation

  • Website Design

  • Networking and Collaboration

  • Revenue Generation

  • Profit Planning

    and more…

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– Get Discount Ticket to Millionaires March Forth Conference

– VIP Seating at all live events

– Discounts on Exclusive Private One-On-One Success Strategy Sessions




Here’s how we’ll cover the coursework:

– Get monthly video and audio lessons online accompanied by downloadable handouts and worksheets. Each lesson targets a specific topic. Video/audio lessons include instructions and illustrations to guide you through the implementation process of what is being taught or demonstrated. Lessons are spaced out to give you sufficient time to complete assignments.


– Get monthly group coaching calls. This allows you to get the answers you need to your most perplexing questions or business issues you are dealing with at the time. You will get strategies to overcome and get back in the game of winning in your business.


– Get access to coaching call replays. Can’t catch the scheduled calls. No worries, you will have access to replays so you can listen, learn and laugh at your leisure. Yep’ I said laugh because coaching is also fun!


– Get monthly accountability calls to help track your progress and hold you accountable to keep it moving, so that you get your  assignments and projects done.


– Get connected with other millionaires in the making through our private online coaching group. Your not building your business alone. We have a community of entrepreneurs to help. You’ll be presenting some assignments and projects in the group for feedback. You’ll be amazed at the support you’ll receive while learning from others in the group.


You’ll have opportunities to associate with those that are where you’re trying to go. They will be able to help encourage you to continue to climb to your next level.


You’ll meet those that are where you are. They’ll be the ones you can share your day to day wins as you motivate each other to push forward.


There will also be those that want to get where you are. These are the ones you’ll be able to give a helping hand and help pull up to their next level of success.


The Millionaires In The Making Community will give you the good fortune to expand your business contacts, brainstorm or toss around new ideas, nurture your creativity, exchange views, create new ventures and find purpose partners on your rise to the top.


Benefits of Coaching

  • Coaching will help you achieve phenomenal results as a part of your growth strategy, no matter the size of your business (small, medium or large) or the structure of your business (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, Corporation, Cooperative or Non Profit).

  • Coaching Increases Your Bottom Line Profitability

  • Coaching Increases Your Ability To Work Smarter Not Harder

  • Coaching Increases Your Ability To Obtain Your Goals

  • Coaching Increases Your Communication Skills

  • Coaching Increases Productivity

  • Coaching Improves Your Time Management

  • Coaching Improves Business Management

  • Coaching Increases Your Effectiveness

  • Coaching Improves Your Self Confidence

  • Coaching Improves Your Relationships

  • Coaching Helps You Reduce Cost

  • Coaching Gives You Clarity

  • Coaching Improves Your Life/Work Balance

Overall, Coaching will help you see the BIG picture and give you a fresh perspective outside of your business blind spots, so you can take you business and life to the next level.

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