“God who foresaw your tribulation, has specially armed you to go through it, not without pain, but without stain”  – C.S. Lewis


Empowered Greetings.

As I look around and see all the plight in society I realize that many of you are going through. You’re going through in your marriages. You’re going through with your children. You’re going through on your jobs. You’re going through in your finances. You’re going through in your health. You’re going through in ministry. Your going through in your business endeavors. You don’t even know why you’re going through what you’re going through. All you know is that you’re going through.

The sun is shining but yet, your life is filled with dark clouds. Day is about to break but you’re living in a perpetual midnight hour. But guess what, it’s time to look at you’re situation and say SO WHAT! It’s time to look at all the people in life that thought you wouldn’t make it and say Don’t Count Me Out!  Today is the day that you wipe the tears from your eyes. Stop crying about the stuff that you’ve gone through and shout SO WHAT!

So what, I‘ve been bruised and I have been broken, but DON’T COUNT ME OUT because I am still standing. I am like a weeble, I wobble but I don’t fall down.

So what, my money has been funny and my change has been strange, but DON’T COUNT ME OUT! I am on the brink of a new horizon and my financial freedom is on the way.

So what, my marriage and my children appear to be stuck in a muck of miry clay, but DON’T COUNT US OUT!  God is making us, molding us, shaping us and holding us up. We will see our destiny.

So what, I have gone through some things and I am still going through some things, but DON’T COUNT ME OUT! I will defeat the giants that rise up against me. I will defy all odds. I am ending 2014 big so that I can start out 2015 Strong.

Don’t count me out because I am unblockable. Don’t you count me out because I am unstoppable. Don’t count me out, just wait and see; I have greatness on the inside of me.

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