Prepare For Success

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  Ben Franklin

Empowered Greetings. Prepare for your success in life through personal development. I have a credo which states: Prior proper planning, promotes, perfectly peaked performance!

Most of us have heard the adage: “knowledge is power”. I would like to add, that if you have knowledge, you have the power and the advantage needed to be successful… if you use it. Personal development prepares you with knowledge and power to face what lies ahead. In other words, when preparation meets time and opportunity the outcome is success.

Here a few strategies for personal development:  

1.         Take time to explore and discover who you are through self-awareness. Learn what makes you tick, your values, gifts, talents, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, motives, passions, purpose, fears and inhibitions. If you know yourself you can grow yourself.

2.         Read, research and study about the focused area of your development. There are self-help books on a myriad of topics to help you develop spiritually, mentally, physically and financially etc. Read & Learn about current and historical figures that have blazed trails to success, even through dire situations. Their lives will be a source of encouragement for you. Study and research trends in the market of your endeavor. This will give you insight when making decisions.

3.         Identify and connect with people locally, regionally and nationally that are successfully doing what you are doing or what you want to do. Get advice and guidance from them. Learn the ingredients for their recipe for success. Use what you need for now and save the rest for later.

4.         Be a lifelong learner. Attend continuing education courses, workshops and trainings to enhance your skills and knowledge. (Check out my Millionaires March Forth Conference on March 4th event) Details at

5.         Prepare by practicing what you’ve learned so that when you, your business or your ministry takes center stage you are ready to present a perfectly peaked performance.

How you prepare today will determine your outcome on tomorrow.


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