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“Productivity is never an accident. It is always a result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.” ~Paul J. Meyer


In today’s article you will discover the profound super power in using 3 simple P’s that will lead you to more productivity success.

As a Life and Business Success Coach, one of the top challenges that women entrepreneurs come to me facing is having time to get things done. Women living full lives don’t want to be busy; they want to be productive. They not only want to produce a desired outcome but they want to have a way to measure their accomplishments of the day.

When it comes to having a productive day, less is more.

1. The less that you perceive you have to do, the less you will feel overwhelmed about getting things done.

2. The less overwhelmed you feel, the less stress you’ll experience.

3. The less stress you experience the more you will be able to do or produce. The brain gets foggy and doesn’t function with clarity when you’re under stress. However, once you eliminate stress you open the gateway to more progress.

Here are 3 simple but powerful P’s that will increase your productivity when done daily.


  1. Plan ahead. I often say that prior proper planning, promotes perfectly peaked performance. Each night prior to going to bed plan what you want to accomplished for the next day. On a small notepad create a to-do list of things you need to get done.
  2. Prioritize the plan. On a sticky note write down only the  3 main task for the day ahead in order of priority. Place sticky note in a visable place to refer to throughout your day. A sticky note is small and easily transferrable from one surface to another be it the car’s dashboard, the computer monitor at work or the fridge in the kitchen. It allows you to consistently draw your focus back to your prioritized task should you experience any interruptions.
  3. Perform the plan. Take action and perform the planned things you need to accomplish in the order of which they are prioritized. Measure your progress by crossing through the item once it has been accomplished.

Depending on the magnitude and depth of each task I encourage you to take a moment in between each task and…( 1). Get to a remotely quiet place. (2). Relax your mind for 10-15 minutes (3). Refocus then get on with the next item on your list. Once you’ve completed your 3 main task of the day you can relax for a few moments then repeat the cycle starting with prioritizing 3 more task from the list you generated the night before.


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