“When you E.N.D. B.I.G. you position yourself to start strong.” 

~Selphenia Nichols-Simmons

Empowered Greetings. As we approach the countdown to the close of this year, I admonish you to E.N.D. B.I.G. by Eliminating Negativity and Declaring, Believing, Igniting and Growing.

Eliminate the things that are depriving your time, draining your energy and depleting your resources. You must detoxify your system to eradicate the negativity in your life.

Negative thoughts, negative people and negative actions are enemies to your success. They will keep you from living a full,  satisfied and victorious life.

Declare this instant and make a resolve in your mind right now, that you are going to break the chains of bondage that have been holding you back. No longer will you see yourself as defeated. You are a conqueror, a winner and a champion of your pursuits.

Believe in your dreams, your goals and your aspirations. They are within your reach. You can and you will achieve them.  Be diligent about your efforts. Take the corresponding actions needed to stop thinking about your dreams so that you can start living out your dreams.

Ignite your passion by believing in your dreams. Your unwavering belief helps you to pursue your purpose, perfect your performance and accomplish the things that you desire.

Lastly, connect with like minded people in a nurturing  environment , conducive for you to Grow in your greatness, your gifting and your area of expertise.

I’d love to hear what you plan on ending this year so you can grow next year. Leave a comment below.

About Selphenia Nichols

Selphenia Nichols is hailed as “The Queen of Success”. She inspires entrepreneurs to go from being a mess to making massive profits that profit the masses. As creator of Success Coach to Women, Selphenia is on a mission to help aspiring and existing women entrepreneurs thrive in life and business. She is a motivational keynote speaker, dynamic event facilitator and an exceptional workshop presenter. Selphenia is available to speak at churches, schools, universities, business organizations, retreats and conferences.

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